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Grab your FREE Basic Soul-Making Toolbox, Downloading ‘The Soul Code - Seven Steps into the Presence’ e-book.

What we can do for you

What do we offer

We have designed a counseling system that is the unified result of the most ancient wisdom teachings, recent deep Western and Eastern spiritual approaches, and contemporary advanced scientific research. And we have called it the Soul-Carpenter Toolbox.
A compass for your integral transformational path in this upside-down world.

You will be able to converge all your energies in your permanent gravity center, and from there, you will focus your actions in one clear conscious direction.

How it makes life better for you

Our time is the era of the Rational Mind’s supremacy. It is divisive, and its intent is the total control of nature, society, and every human being. Your Mind is the worst villain in human history, and its impact on your life is disruptive at every level. Your Mind is what we call The Opponent.

1. You soffer of Total Amnesia

You live in a state of constant amnesia. The Opponent, year after year, made you blind to your true nature and power. This is the cause of all your inner conflicts and unsolved emotional charges.

2. You live in a State of Fear

The Opponent has gifted you with an upside-down world: a State of Fear. Your actions in this arena are the reflection of social agreements, cultural limiting beliefs, and aggressive behavior. In other words, you make decisions on the base of a distorted perception of your reality.

3. You are a Slave

You seem to be just a clog in this super-technological system, a slave of the Matrix. But you unconsciously know that you are more than that. You know there is more for you, the people you love, and the human beings. You are not alone; you can ask for real honest help.

What You have to do to buy it

1. The Soul-Carpenter Toolbox will help you to Recall your True-Self

You will be guided to discover the subtle qualities of your soul. Your soul will whisper to your heart your true intent in this life. You will discover who you are and the luminous power of this primordial insight.

2. We will remove the distorted signal that reduces your perception

You will see how to create a sacred inner place in the center of your being. Acting from that place, all the dramatic illusory constructs of the Mind will be dissolved day by day, month by month, year by year.

3. The Soul-Making Process will open a wide horizon in front of you

You will discover that outside the claustrophobic world that your Mind has built for you, there is a universe of opportunities to grow personally, professionally, emotionally, and intellectually. And you will make the experience that beyond your own fulfillment, there is a community of  individuals, like you, sharing their spiritual paths and working together for a higher purpose: be at service of the awakening of the full potential of every human being.

Right now, you can make the choice to enjoy our community. And we have a plan for you!

The Safe-and-Sound Starting Plan

1. Schedule Your FREE 15’ Call.
2. Allow us to customize a Soul-Making ToolBox Path for you.
3. Let’s walk the Path together.

Our Services



A Transformational Journey to bring the power of Archetypes into your daily life



A healthy start to your weekend or a new working week lets your body and mind release stress
backlogs, emotional charges, or physical pain.



Discover the Invisible Connection that impacts your daily life and grab the hidden treasure your
soul has in store.



A four weeks Transformational Journey



4 Reiki 90’ Counseling & Treatment Session.



The direct step-by-step experience of the deepest approach to the Soul-Making process.

Why are you looking in the wrong direction?

1. You are struggling to find a way to walk in the labyrinth of life in an upside-down world.
2. Your mind guides you in multiple directions; yoga classes, spiritual retreats, and holistic
healing. None of that seems fully deliver their promises.
3. You are looking outside to escaping way from your inner conflicts. That is the wrong
direction; even worse, you don’t have a map and a compass.

Why keep nurturing the Body-of-Pain instead of enjoying the Present Moment?

1. Part of yourself already knows that a routine of sorrows, anxieties, and pain is not Normal.
2. Your mind has been telling you that negative emotions must be suppressed by society's rules.
3. The outside world is rude and dangerous. You could be the victim of your boss or crazy
people or wild and out-of-control natural events and sneaky viruses. Does it make sense?
4. Honestly? NO!

Life is not meant to be static! It is an unfolding never-ending journey.

1. Your life and professional self-sabotage, disturbing events and people, and your emotional
pain are the loud calls of your soul instead of the normal human condition.
2. The invisible connection with your spirit is almost eroded; your primordial energy is like a
puddle of dirty water at your feet.
3. Your soul will do everything to be heard from you. Your soul wants you to stand and face the
truth about yourself, no matter what!

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