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A four weeks Transformational Journey

How it works

FOUR Counseling Online Sessions 90 minutes each, distributed over FOUR weeks, a total of 6 hours.

  • 4W Roadmap is designed to put you exactly in your Permanent Gravity Center, and from that privileged point, you start an evolutionary journey.

  • It requires your full commitment to the process and a strong intent to follow the weekly tasks and the readings of the written material.

The Path

A 15’ Assessment Call a week before starting the real sessions.

1st Week

• The map and compass to walk the Tarot unknown territory

• The archetypes call

2nd Week

• The ancestor's reunion

• Your primordial Myth and archetypes unveiled

3rd Week

• Your soul destiny revealed

• The keystone of the transformation

4th Week

• The clear vision of the new path

The Payoff for you - what is in the Soul-Making Toolbox of the 4W

• You have a PDF Booklet with the step-by-step process to reconnect with your soul.

• You have found a solid, safe center of gravity inside you.

• You have created an enduring practical and personal approach to your evolution path.

The 3-BONUS pack.

This consultation comes to you with three gifts you’ll have access to a week after the last session.

First Bonus: The Video Reordered Session - MP4 and the audio record - MP3.

Second Bonus: The Pictures of the tarot Cards if every session.

Third Bonus: The Final Brief Written PDF Report about the Consultation with our conclusion and follow-up suggestions.

You will appreciate the extra-value of these three bonus. The video recording is for you to go back and watch the sessions at your pace. The images will help you focus on every single card and grab unseen aspects of their message and disposition on the table. The brief Report will help you to give depth to the Archetypes message.

It’s time for you to look inside and make choices

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