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Discover the Invisible Connection that impacts your daily life and grab the hidden treasure your
soul has in store.

Life is not meant to be static! It is an unfolding never-ending journey.

1. Your life and professional self-sabotage, disturbing events and people, and your emotional pain are the loud calls of your soul instead of the normal human condition.

2. The invisible connection with your spirit is almost eroded; your primordial energy is like a puddle of dirty water at your feet.

3. Your soul will do everything to be heard from you. Your soul wants you to stand and face the truth about yourself, no matter what!

How the Soul Journey Works

We designed a 90’ online Soul Journey consultation to:

• You’ll experience the first intentional walk in the unknown mysterious territory of the soul.

• Guide you over the threshold of the visible world into the invisible realm, where your Mind cannot follow you.

• Give you a sharp soul-making toolbox, a piece of proper spiritual equipment, and techniques to face your shadow and come back purified and reborn to your true nature.


The Steps

1. After you book a session, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to book the initial 15’ orientation Call. After the call, you will receive an email with the information to be ready for your journey.

2. The shaman will be a bridge between the visible and the invisible world; he will guide you step by step; with his drum, words of power, poetic visions, and stories.

3. You will be gently moved in a higher state of consciousness beyond space and time.

4. A gentle and slow coming back will be at the end of the session. This decompression phase will give you time to absorb all the experience beyond the Great Threshold and share or not with your guide

The Payoff for you

•You have a sharp technique that allows you to nurture your intuition and creative imagination.

• You are in direct contact with your invisible guide and get hidden treasure end energies.

• You have made the experience of how powerful the reconnection with your soul can be and how to use it in your daily life.

The 3-BONUS pack.

This Consultation gives you three gifts you’ll have access to a few days later.


First Bonus: 15’ FREE Follow-Up Call for direct after-consultation response and feedback.

Second Bonus: Direct access to your Account on our website to envision the Consultation report and download specific readings or audio/video materials.

Third Bonus: A written Guide about the basic instruction to perform daily shamanic ceremonies to oppose your conscious presence to the chaotic and frantic in the material upside-down world.

It’s time to awaken your wild spirit.

Discover the first available day and time and Book your Soul Journey now.

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