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A Transformational Journey to bring the power of Archetypes into your daily life

Why are you looking in the wrong direction?

1. You are struggling to find a way to walk in the labyrinth of life in an upside-down world.
2. Your mind guides you in multiple directions; yoga classes, spiritual retreats, and holistic
healing. None of that seems fully deliver their promises.
3. You are looking outside to escaping way from your inner conflicts. That is the wrong
direction; even worse, you don’t have a map and a compass.

How it works

We designed the 90’ online Archetypal Tarot Consultation to give you

• A clear direction: Looking Inside you, diving into your unconscious mind.

• A step-by-step Map of your soul-territory.

• A Compass: The Major and Minor Arcana of the Tarot cards are inner guides, archetypes, and energies at your disposition if and when you know where to look.

The Steps

1. After you book a session, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the information you need to know to be ready for the day and time of your session.

2. We’ll guide you in a relaxation process that will help you to connect with the Tarot and your heart. You‘ll have time to express your reading intent or questions for the Tarot.

3. The Tarot colors, numbers, peculiar postures, or evocative signs and symbols will talk to you. Card after card, you’ll discover how different your life is if you look at it with the eyes of the heart and soul.

4. At the end of the session will be room for insights because your horizon is now wide and clear. New opportunities will arise, and you will be ready to face them with enthusiasm.

The Payoff for you

You have a soul-making toolbox to use at hand

• You have drawn a portion of your soul territory blueprint

• You have created an enduring safe beachhead of awareness in our chaotic material world

The 3-BONUS pack.

This consultation comes to you with three gifts you’ll have access to a few days after.

First Bonus: The Video Reordered Session MP4 and the audio record MP3.

Second Bonus: The Pictures of the tarot Card status at the end of the session.

Third Bonus: The Brief Written PDF Report about the Consultation.

You will appreciate the extra-value of these three bonuses. The video recording is for you to go back and watch the reading. The images will help you focus on every single card and grab unseen aspects of their message and disposition on the table. The brief Report will help you to give depth to the Tarot’s message.

What are you waiting for?

Book your 15 min call now!

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