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4 Reiki 90’ Counseling & Treatment Session.

Why keep nurturing the Body-of-Pain instead of enjoying the Present Moment?

1. Part of yourself already knows that a routine of sorrows, anxieties, and pain is not Normal

2. Your mind has been telling you that negative emotions must be suppressed by society's rules.

3. The outside world is rude and dangerous. You could be the victim of your boss or crazy people or wild and out-of-control natural events and sneaky viruses. Does it make sense?

4.Honestly? NO!

How the Reiki Sessions Works

  • We designed FOUR Counseling Online or In Presence Sessions & Treatments, 90 minutes each, distributed over FOUR weeks, a total of 6 hours.

  • Every Session will open a new deep threshold to experience the low and higher energy vibrations coexisting in your being.

  • It requires your full commitment to the process and a strong intent to follow the weekly tasks and the readings of the written material.

  • You will go beyond the concept and practice of healing to discover the power of Integration.

  • We have designed this experience as a crescendo among the four levels of Reiki: the Physical, the Emotional, The Mental, and the Spiritual level.

  • We’ll focus on the energetic aspects of your being, life, and professional work.

The Steps

A 15’ Assessment Call 3/5 days before starting the real sessions

1. After you book a session, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the information you need to know to be ready for the day and time of your session.

2. At the beginning of the session, the Reiki master guides you to relax and welcome the Reiki energy. Your internal mental narrative will be silenced, your attention focused on your healing intent, and your perceptions augmented.

3. You will be in a safe space where time will seem to slow down, and you will be in a relaxed state. We’ll simply let Reiki happen.

4. A gentle and slow coming back will be at the end of the session. This decompression phase will give you time to stay with whatever is surfacing in your body and mind

The Payoff for you

  • You have a clear, intuitive knowledge of your energetic system based on direct experience, not academic knowledge.

  • Your energetic system will be cleaned and balanced.

  • You have the Soul-Making Toolbox to continue your Reiki lifestyle and soul reconnection.

The 3-BONUS pack.

This Reiki experience comes to you with three gifts you’ll have access to a few days after.

First Bonus: 30’ FREE Follow-Up Call after The 4th week for response and feedback.

Second Bonus: Direct access to your Reiki Account on our website to envision the Treatment History.

Third Bonus: A Reiki Guide to bring the Power of Reiki into your daily routine

It’s time to take care of you at every level of your being.

Discover the first available day and time and Book your 4 weeks path and Start your journey into the Reiki Sacred Science.

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