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The direct step-by-step experience of the deepest approach to the Soul-Making process.

It’s time to face your reality and put together all the dispersed Soul pieces.

1. There is a moment in life when you turn in despair and feel alone facing the external world.

2. Dramatic events, disturbing people and images, pain in the body and in your heart.

3. Your Mind's reaction is so ferocious because you are so close to your soul reconnection.

How ‘Where Eagles Dare’ works

The path of Where Eagles Dare consists of FOUR sessions of 90 minutes each, distributed over FOUR weeks, a total of 6 hours

  • You’ll be guided in the direct use of the intelligence of the heart.

  • You’ll be in connection with your soul in the imaginal process of absorbing and re-creating your own reality.

  • You’ll make the experience of four life-changing specific Practices to dance accordingly with your soul destiny.

The Steps

  • The initiation to the Mystical Marriage Spiritual Tradition.

  • How to withdraw your projections and attachments from the Mind’s reality.

  • The Ten Minutes Practice of the Night.

  • The Ten Minutes Practice of the Morning.

  • The Five Minutes Daily Awakening Exercise.

  • The Opening-Heart Ritual.

The Payoff for you

  • You have a Soul-Making Toolbox to face everyday events in a new heart-centered perspective. 

  • You know how to access your inner primordial energy and use it for your personal growth.

  • You have access to the divine part of you whenever you need it and obtain enduring results.

The 3-BONUS pack.

This Consultation gives you three gifts you’ll have access to a few days later. This Reiki experience comes to you with three gifts you’ll have access to a few days after.


First Bonus: 30’ FREE Follow-Up Call after The 4th week for response and feedback.

Second Bonus: Direct access to your Reiki Account on our website to envision the Treatment History.

Third Bonus: A Mystical Marriage Guide to help you to be consistent in everyday practices.

It’s time to awaken your wild spirit.

Discover the first available day and time and Book your Soul Journey now.

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